Non-Degree Seeking

Many students attend college to upgrade employment skills, for transfer credit, or for personal interest and enjoyment. Non-degree applicants only need to provide a completed Application for Admission and Florida Residency form. Applicants who do not wish to earn a degree or certificate from NWFSC and wish to take college, career and technical or vocational credit courses do not need to provide evidence of prior educational coursework. However, students seeking enrollment in courses with prerequisites or other admissions requirements, or students seeking financial assistance may be required to provide evidence of all prior educational course work. Students will not be permitted to enroll in any college credit English, humanities, mathematics, or Gordon Rule social science course - or any course having an English, mathematics or reading prerequisite - without meeting the State of Florida mandated minimum scores on an approved placement test or showing that they have met the prerequisite.


Step 1:  Complete Admission application & Residency Forms

It's free to apply to Northwest Florida State College! Apply online or at any of Northwest Florida State College's conveniently located six campus locations. For more information contact NWF State College Admissions via email at or call (850) 729-4901.

Step 2: Set up your Student Email Account

Students are assigned a free NWFSC email account at the time of admissions. The student email address serves as the official method of communication for the College.  Students will be encouraged to use and check their NWF State College e-mail account regularly. Important College information will be communicated to students through the NWF State College student e-mail system. Administrative issues such as class cancellation notification, room changes for classes, room assignments for distance learning orientation classes, college closures for emergencies and instructor issues such as assignments, deadlines, changes in class meeting times, homework grades, and progress reports are among the many uses of the NWF State College student e-mail system. For more information visit NWFSC's email help page.

Step 3:  Register for Classes & Pay Fees

Students may enroll online and pay for their courses through RaiderNet or in person at any of NWFSC's seven locations. Students need to pay special attention to their payment due dates. Courses could be dropped if fees are not paid on time. Northwest Florida state College offers a variety of financial assistance for students including a tuition payment pay through NelNet. For more information contact the Business Office at (850) 729-5355.